About Us

Founded in 2019

As of December 31, 2019, Goldman Industries manages approximately $140.2 Million in assets. The firm employs a staff of 1200 people, including 65 investment professionals, in its Las Vegas headquarters and affiliated offices elsewhere in the United States, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.


The firm culture emphasizes thoroughness, hard work, creativity, and tenacity. Goldman Industries trades in securities across the capital structure and often will take a leading role in event-driven situations to create value or manage risk.


There are a number of elements of the firm’s investment and risk-management activities that Goldman Industries believes are essential to its goal of generating a consistent return to its investors. These elements include an opportunistic trading approach, the creation – not just the identification – of value, effective liquidity management, and managing operational and counterparty risk. The firm employs a value-added global investment approach.