Real Estate

house flip

Properties all over the Us with Large equity

Fix & Flip And Fix & Hold

Here at Goldman Industries Inc. We do all the work. We locate property, rehab, sell, build and we put in tenant to create passive income cash flow

How would you like to build
your passive income portfolio in real estate by partnering with us?.


  • No experience or tools require
  • No time and effort require
  • Fast ROI with little as 3 months​
  • Earn 25% of the deal just with good credit score.
  • Option earn up to 50% of the deal
  • Choose property that fit your budget or qualification
  • Make money when we Sell,Refinance,and Rental

    Investor welcome
  • Fast ROI with little as 3 months
  • Payout 7-10% in interest.
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